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  • Personalized service

    For all type of business

    Enjoy the services we can offer you, even though you manage a large company, an incorporated company or you are a Self-Employed. We keep in touch with you throughout the years.

  • A select clientele

    Diverse and selected clientele

    Our firm provides essential services to a diverse and selected customers. Our goal is to maintain a balanced cost structure to provide a high quality service with a reasonable price. We offer services to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

  • Tax reforms

    We inform our customers

    We regularly publish newsletters tax in our blog. We believe it is important that you be as informed as possible in order to avoid unpleasant tax situations or even to identify new opportunities for tax planning applicable to your situation.

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    We are a certified accounting office

    Nous sommes un cabinet de comptables professionnels agréés qui fournit une variété de services de qualité en audit, certificarion, comptabilité, fiscalité et consultation informatique, tant aux particuliers qu'aux sociétés et autres organismes.

    We offer an innovative, robust and proactive service to help our clients identify, understand and solve their problems and reach their goals in a long term.


We can be your guide in accounting

We offer a full range of accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals

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Accounting solutions
for individuals in business

  • Individuals

    • » Preparation of tax returns
    • » Special services for latecomers
    • » Analysis of previous statements
    • » Earlier statements update
    • » Personal financial planning


Accounting solutions
for business

  • Your needs matter

    Our services are available from small business to large enterprise

    » Audit
    » Preparation of financial statements
    » Corporate income statements
    » Tax planning and advice
    » Sale or business purchase support
    » Advice for business startup
    » Government Grants
    » Insurance claims support



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